I recently attended a workshop hosted by the team at Space & Co. That’s where I met Christine. She presented the workshop. It was concise and informative given I am usually quite time-poor during working hours so it was very helpful. Whilst there was plenty of information during the presentation, I was not overwhelmed by it, in fact, I was able to take away a number of key areas specific to me. I learnt many tips including information I thought I already knew I got it on another level. I felt especially great when I left the workshop because I learnt why I wasn’t feeling the best of myself. I was very motivated so I jumped on the opportunity and scheduled one on one session with Christine.
I always pride myself as someone who knows how to stay healthy. I exercise regularly, I eat fairly healthy and I do sleep regular hours. However, to my surprise after the workshop, I realized I was not optimizing my healthy habits and I was not looking after myself as well as I thought I was. It also explained that while I was functioning going to work and getting things done, I was just running around rather than attending and participating with peace of mind and grace. During my one on one session with Christine, we set manageable goals that suit me, routines and habits that are sustainable for me. I felt so much better after just 2 months speaking with Christine. Thank you for being the positive little voice in my head.