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SENST Holistic Health Wheel

Choosing an area from the SENST holistic health wheel is an imporant step in the Healthy Results 2Day methodology.  You can use the body signals tests, information below or chat with myself or someone close to you to get an understanding of the area that will provide the best results for you.


For example, if your goal is to lose weight, you might want to focus on nutrition over exercise since weight is largely dictated by what you eat. If you are at your ideal weight but want to be more fit, then look at exercise.


If you choose well, the results will have kick on effects in other areas of the SENST holistic health wheel.  For example, If you are stressed and not sleeping well, you might look at stress.  I have seen a number of people focus on de-stressing and the results show up in better work performance, better concentration, better sleep and more exercise.


Below is some information on each of the SENST holistic health areas to help you decide. If you need more help choosing, take the body signals test or contact me here


Stress Quick Information

Exercise Quick Information

Nutritional Quick Information

Sleep Quick Information

Toxicity Quick Information