Corporate Talks

Corporate TalksI’ve been told that my passion and motivation is infectious!  Maybe because I love presenting and inspiring teams to become healthy.


I can either come into your office or attend your off-site meeting to deliver corporate talks. The talk covers the unique Healthy Results 2Day step-by-step process to attain holistic health. It has been specifically designed to for busy professionals.  We also discuss how to make or break a habit easily and successfully. Following the presentation, your team should have all the tools they need to commence their holistic health journey. They can follow the process autonomously via the use of this website, or with my personal help.


I tailor the content to your requirements.  The duration of the talk is up to you and can vary, depending on your focus.  I can also do follow-up deep dives into some or each of the SENST (Stress, Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep, Toxins) areas. The deep dive can cover how these areas affect performance in detail including, of course, interesting case studies with empirical evidence.


What do other people think?

So what do other people think? Below are some quotes from clients with their thoughts:


“Christine’s presentation on holistic health was insightful and provided practical guidance on how you can take little steps to improve your health which over time makes a huge impact. Christine has a warm, genuine and engaging presentation style. Our team loved the presentation and it generated a lot of discussions.”


“It was concise and informative and helpful. Whilst there was plenty of information during the presentation, I was not overwhelmed by it, in fact, I was able to take away a number of key areas specific to me. I learnt many tips including information I thought I already knew I got it on another level.”

So go ahead and contact me today to get an understanding of how I can inspire your team to attain holistic health.