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Holistic Health to be the best version of yourself
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Are you a busy professional with little or no time for yourself? Do you feel that you could be healthier but don’t have the time or inclination to find out what you can do? Perhaps you have an inkling that you could perform better if you were healthier? Perhaps you feel stressed and deep down you know that this is holding you back from your full potential?


If so, I know how you feel! I felt exactly the same way.  I was a typical corporate executive, working 14-hour days achieving my targets and KPI’s. I was myopically focused on work. However, deep down, I knew that I was not performing at my best because I wasn’t looking after myself.  I worked hard and I was optimistic about my future. Until….. my body sent me a signal.  A pretty loud signal! I got sick. Seriously sick.


holistic health for the busy professional

Since that horrible birthday present in 2011, I’ve been focusing on becoming healthier. It wasn’t easy.  I made a lot of mistakes along the way but I can now say, I’m healthier than I’ve ever been. Having run that race, I’m now passionately committed to helping others avoid the same fate.


Using my experience in the corporate world, my holistic health training and evidence-based research, I developed a step-by-step methodology to attain holistic health. This process is specifically developed for busy people.


So what is holistic health and why is attaining it important? Well to me, holistic health is not only a healthy body (think disease-free) but also a healthy mind (think less stress) and healthy spirit (think emotional wellbeing). The result is increased performance and contentment at work, home, gym and life in general!


I define holistic health with the SENST wheel – Stress, Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep and Toxins

SENST Holistic Health Wheel

As a nutrition and holistic wellness professional, my job is to help you integrate healthy habits, easily into your life, to achieve optimum health. There are many views on how long it takes to form a habit. You’ve probably read 21, 30, 60, 90 days….. I believe it depends on the person and the habit. However long it takes, it’s essential to dedicate enough time to ensure each new healthy habit becomes an integral part of your life. If you have chosen well and incorporated the healthy habit well into your life, you may notice “kick on” benefits in other areas of your life. For example, you may choose to meditate to reduce stress and become more productive and mindful at work.  During the process, you may find that you are sleeping better and able to work-out harder as a “kick-on” effect.


This process might sound simple but for most people, finding the right solution that will work long-term can be a struggle. That’s where I come in!  I have a process to help you choose the habit, tips to form and stick to the habit and information to keep you motivated and determined along the way.


So, where to start? I can present the methodology either one-on-one or in a group, often in a corporate environment at work or off-site team meeting. Refer to my services here for more information.  My website is filled with tips and techniques. That might be enough for you. Whatever option you choose, my goal is that Healthy Results 2Day makes a positive, healthy impact on your life!


Holistic health for the busy professional

These days, most people are time-poor and typically fitness and health suffer accordingly. So how do we look after our health in any given day?


I believe it is an iterative three-step process.


  1. Choose an area to focus on. You can choose one yourself, or to help you identify an area, I’ve created the SENST Body Signals Tests. You will find the tests here.
  2. Choose a healthy tip to incorporate into your life
  3. Implement that healthy tip as a habit


Process to Attain Holistic HealthYou might think this iterative three-step process is easy.  It certainly looks like its easy! However, it is not easy to form a habit. Research conducted by the University College London indicates that it can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days to form a habit.  The average is more than two months. Most people give up before then.


Implementing habits in a staged way ensures that each improvement is fully integrated into your life before implementing the next. This way, your healthy habits are more likely to stick, long-term. You might also find that there are fewer habits to choose from once you have done a good job of incorporating your first habit. This is due to the “kick-on” effects of good healthy habit integration that I describe above.



This is why it is important to select one area and focus on it.  This website provides information and tips to assist you to form this habit. Alternatively, I can work with you individually to form a habit.

What do other people think?


James Sherwood

Thank you so much for taking the time to come into our offices and educate some of our staff on holistic wellbeing. Your presentation was very well received and I only received positive feedback. Your presentation fit perfectly into the theme of the day and on behalf of the entire company we would like to thank you for such an engaging, informative presentation.

James Sherwood - Head of People & Talent

Andrew Payne

Andrew Payne

Christine’s presentation on holistic health was insightful and provided practical guidance on how you can take little steps to improve your health which over time makes a huge impact. Christine has a warm, genuine and engaging presentation style. Our team loved the presentation and it generated a lot of discussion.

Andrew Payne: Head of Risk & Operations - Product

Jackie Savci

Jackie Savci

I recently attended a workshop hosted by the team at Space & Co. That’s where I met Christine. She presented the workshop. It was concise and informative given I am usually quite time-poor during working hours so it was very helpful. Whilst there was plenty of information during the presentation, I was not overwhelmed by it, in fact, I was able to take away a number of key areas specific to me. I learnt many tips including information I thought I already knew I got it on another level. I felt especially great when I left the workshop because I learnt why I wasn’t feeling the best of myself. I was very motivated so I jumped on the opportunity and scheduled one on one session with Christine.

Jackie Savci

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