About – Christine Day

Hi!  I’m Christine Day


If you’ve made it this far, you probably know that I’m all about helping people reach holistic health via a step-by-step evidenced-based methodology.  I want to help as many people as I can avoid the path I followed.  I followed the ambitious career path that led me down a very busy, hectic, stressful life that ended in breast cancer.


Looking back now, I know I wasn’t performing at my best. I was so busy and stressed, it affected my work performance and my life in general.  However, I didn’t see the link between health and performance. If you had asked me at the time, if I was healthy, I would have said –


“Yes, I’m healthy! I never get sick (except the one week in 2001 that I was out of action for a week with the flu), I try to eat organic when I can (I can recite the foods that are on the dirty dozen list), I don’t exercise very much but I’m not overweight. All in all, I’m healthy.”  Boy, was I wrong!


I was myopically focussed on my career as an executive in the IT software industry and I was proud of the fact that I was busy, busy, busy!  I didn’t have time for exercise, meditation, cooking at home or anything that would distract me from achieving my quarterly numbers.  This led to a lovely birthday present in 2011 of a breast cancer diagnosis. I barely skipped a beat, in the same deterministic fashion as I led my life, I simply focused on removing the cancer and getting on with my life.  This was before the Angelina Jolie preventative bilateral mastectomy. Everyone thought I was crazy!


I did start exercising at this point since the surgeon suggested I should.  However, I became a weekend warrior, I didn’t integrate exercise in my life properly. In fact, that was the case with all holistic health areas. I didn’t integrate them in my life one step a time.  I did everything, but nothing well! I practised diaphragmatic breathing when I couldn’t catch my breath and looked like I was having an asthma attack. I ordered organic food delivery and most of it went to waste since I didn’t have time to prepare it. I had every powdered supplement known to mankind in my healthy morning smoothies, but I was addicted to bread. I drank heaps of spring water but it was all out of plastic bottles, I ate lots of salads (mostly store-bought, non-organic) but also consumed a lot of toxins.  It all ended in me losing everything, my health and my career.


It is a path I see a lot of people follow and it is my goal to show people a different way that hopefully will enable you to not only reach holistic health but also more successful in business and life in general.


The methodology is based on identifying one area on the holistic health wheel, using body signals tests if needed, picking one tip to incorporate into your life and when it is a habit, pick another area (it might be the same one) and another tip to make a habit.  This way you do each tip well, unlike me that did everything badly and nothing worked!


The holistic wheel looks like this:

To help you choose your area of focus, I suggest looking at your body for clues. I have developed a set of five tests which each ask a group of questions aimed at finding the area of most need. You can access the set of tests here.



I am a Nutrition and Holistic Wellness Coach Professional.  I am fully insured and member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapies and abide by the IICT code of conduct which you can find here: IICT Code of Ethics