Exercise tips

Exercise tips

Exercise has so many “kick-on” benefits.  Read about some of the benefits in this article. Here are some exercise tips that you might like to incorporate into your life if you have chosen exercise as the SENST area to focus on:

  • Exercise with a friend. That way you can motivate each other to stick with it


  • Join a gym. They have classes and personal trainers that can make exercise more fun. If you either join with a friend or make friends at the gym that can motivate you to stick with it


  • Purchase an activity monitor.  It’s a great way to track your exercise. I find it incredibly helpful for tracking both activity and sleep.  You can also keep on top of your heart rate and monitor both your water and your food intake. You can start at any level. There is no science behind the 10,000 step count. It is simply something to aim for.  You can set your goal at whatever you like.  I started at 10,000 and after a while, I increased it to 15,000.  I know people that set challenges with their spouse and friends for incentive and a bit of fun.  Here are some tips for increasing your steps throughout the day:
    • Take public transport to increase steps and get off a stop or two before your destination
    • If driving, park a few blocks away from your destination to increase your step count
    • Take the stairs whenever you can
    • Take walking meetings – a Stanford study showed that walking increases creativity
    • Walk whilst you are on the phone instead of sitting at your desk


  • Find an exercise that works for you.  It might be the gym, swimming, running, exercise classes such as pilates, yoga, Zumba or YouTube exercises. Ideally, aim to include  2 days per week of some form of resistance exercises and 30 minutes of continuous movement a day.


  • Incorporate walking into your day to day activities.  For example, walk and talk phone calls and meetings. – calls, meetings. A Stanford study demonstrated that walking increased creativity by up to 100%. 48 students were given three exercises to perform seated and walking on a treadmill and outside. The outcome? Walking substantially enhanced creativity. For the three alternate uses studies, 81%, 88%, and 100% of participants were more creative walking than sitting


  • Exercise first thing in the morning.  If you exercise as soon as you wake, before anything else, this often prevents distraction and excuses.


  • Walk after a meal. Studies have shown that weight loss can be increased by walking after a meal. One study conducted by Old Dominion University, Norfolk indicated that walking after a meal is effective at lowering the glycaemic impact of a meal in individuals with type 2 diabetes compared with pre-meal or no exercise. Another study showed walking after a meal is an effective weight loss strategy


  • YouTube exercises.  A great way to make time in your day for exercise is to use on-demand exercise programs such as YouTube.  This way, you are not wasting time travelling to and from the gym and trying to fit classes into your schedule.  You exercise when you have time.  I find the best time, is first thing in the morning. I save more than 1/2 an hour travel time to and from the gym which is important to me in the morning. It makes the difference between making the gym or not and you can select the length of the work out so you’re not late for work.  Any exercise is better than nothing.  The only issue I have with this method, is it is so convenient, some weeks I forget to take rest days!  Check out my YouTube playlists here 

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