Holistic Health Coaching Packages

Given these uncertain economic times, coaching packages have been discounted to make holistic health accessible. If you would like to discuss tailored packages please contact me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Holistic Health Coaching Packages


How Do I Get Started?

You can simply purchase the option you need right now from the packages above, by clicking the purchase button. You can pay via PayPal or credit card and I will contact you to arrange mutually convenient times for us. Alternatively, or you can contact me here and we will conduct the initial session and decide which option is best for you.

What can I expect to get from the sessions?

Holistic health coaching aims to guide you to your best version of yourself. I do this by providing you with a foundation to work with. However, ultimately you set the objectives and outcomes. Which means everyone’s outcomes are different and tailored to what they need.

Can I mix and match?

Yes, of course!  A lot of people like to start with face-to-face coaching then change to email or tele-coaching. The mix is up to you and your circumstances

How do I set my goals?

I can work with you to identify the SENST area that will give you the best overall benefit to your life. Alternatively, you can read through the information on this website and take the SENST tests to determine your area of focus.

What If I Want To Do It Myself?

This website can provide you with the process and information you need to take the holistic journey on your own if that is your preference.  Simply follow the Step-By-Step Process on the menu bar

Why Is Holistic Health So Necessary?

Holistic health enables you to be the best version of yourself so you increase your performance at work, in the gym and in life in general.  There is much empirical evidence to back this up and you can find information in the articles section.

What if I can't choose a package?

You don’t have to choose a package now. Simply contact me here and we conduct the free initial consultation session, during which, we will choose the best option for you together.

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Coaching Testimonials

I always pride myself as someone who knows how to stay healthy. I exercise regularly, I eat fairly healthy and I do sleep regular hours.

However, to my surprise after the workshop, I realized I was not optimizing my healthy habits and I was not looking after myself as well as I thought I was. It also explained that while I was functioning going to work and getting things done, I was just running around rather than attending and participating with peace of mind and grace.

During my one on one session with Christine, we set manageable goals that suit me, routines and habits that are sustainable for me. I felt so much better after just 2 months speaking with Christine. Thank you for being the positive little voice in my head.

Jackie Savci

Good health in life is everything, yet changing your diet and bad habits can be confusing, and quite confronting.

Christine gave me clarity on the “how” – reading labels, choosing foods wisely and monitoring my health holistically.

The key though was the construct Christine taught me, which was about personally creating and owning the process.

Changing is personal – and for me, I didn’t happen right away. I’m a work-in-progress but so far, so good?

Deane Hornsby

I met Christine at a mutual friend’s birthday and instantly warmed to her. Her kind and caring nature lent itself so quickly to my being able to talk to her about the difficulties I had with my weight, in part due to a long history of shift work.

Christine immediately took me on as a client, and continued to be the kind, supportive and non-judgmental coach I so desperately needed, but could not be for myself. Her website and recipes are wonderful, even for culinary novices like me!

Christine’s positive energy and constant support motivated me to make the change my life needed, and I will be forever grateful. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!

Rachel Halpin

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